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The Earthen Song Book - Song of the Pond Side

Practice | by TaylorRolandComposer about 10 years ago


This is a piece from my set "The Earthen Song Book". This scene is a flashback for our main character. In this scene the main character looks out over the pond as a child and it fills his mind with beautiful music. The music is meant to sound fresh and child-like. In part of this scene he looks over the lake and sees a dragon fly zip across the water and then another does the same and so-on. This is shown in the music by the imitative runs the four flutes have one after another when the piano (or harp) has dropped out. It is a really cool musical description of that little moment. You'll hear it for sure; you can just imagine a young person seeing these fascinating things for the first time and getting excited.

uploaded by TaylorRolandComposer on december 05, 2011 at 12:09 am

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