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Community Guidelines

For more details, please read our terms of use which govern your use of Musical Overture's site and serivces.

Speech & Conduct

This is a site that is dedicated to showcasing and discussing musical talents and sharing your personal creative works. Please limit your comments to things related to this theme. No off-topic discussions. There are numerous other social networks that are a better fit for these types of discussions.

Be civil. Don't say things you wouldn't say in a face to face conversation. Don't insult. Don't harass. If you cannot conduct yourself in a respectful manner, you will be removed.

It's fine to give critical feedback to other users, this is how we all improve our skill levels, but please make sure your criticism is constructive and not mean spirited.

Please don't sign comments, especially with your url. They're already signed with your username. If other users want to learn more about you, they can click on it to see your profile

Video Content

You may only upload videos you have created yourself or participated closely to help create. You must own or hold all necessary rights (copyrights, etc.) to all videos you upload.

All videos must directly relate to your personal musical talents. Please keep all videos on-topic.

Do not upload videos intended for commercial use. You may not upload commercials, infomercials, or demos that actively sell or promote a product or service. You may not upload videos containing ads. This is not a business service.

Obviously, no sexually explicit material, nudity, or any content that incites hatred, include hate speech, defamatory or discriminatory speech or videos depicting unlawful acts or violence.

If you believe that another user has uploaded prohibited materials, please flag the video as inappropriate using the 'Flag' link that is available next to each video.

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