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Musical Overture is the place to be if you are a musician wanting to share your music, or if you are looking to connect with other musicians. Whether you are a professional musician hoping to meet agents, concert presenters or orchestra personnel managers - or a student hoping to connect with someone who loves music as much as you do, you can make those connections at Musical Overture.

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Musical Overture is a world-wide community of musicians, so we’ve been able to put together a truly global directory of musicians from around the world. This is the best and easiest way to find musicians. If you are an agent, contractor, admissions recruiter or someone looking to hire an instrumentalist or a singer for an event, you can find the performers and composers you need right here.

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Hear Us®

A Life Affirming Series

HEAR US® is an award winning film about three amazing musicians who met at Musical Overture and then came together - despite incredible obstacles - to perform amazing concerts and inspire the world with their message of peace through music.

Winner of the 2019 Silver World Medal at the New York Television and Film Festival

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