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About Musical Overture

You are a musician. You have practiced, studied with a great teacher, and have played in great groups. This is your passion. It's a major part of who you are. When you play or sing, you feel most like YOURSELF.

Musical Overture is a community of musicians who share a passion for music. We play for each other and we play with each other. At MO, you can find other musicians like you, or you can find teachers and mentors who can help you reach your potential. You can find your way to the best colleges, universities and conservatories. You can find agents and contractors looking for new talent. And this works both ways. If you are a teacher, you can find new students. If you are looking to book musicians, you can find them here.

Think online concert hall. Think networking app for musicians. Think platform for musical collaboration. Think personal website. Think resource for developing your skills. Think collection of the brightest musical talent in the world. Musical Overture is all of these things....and more.

There was a time when musicians were told that they knew they had "made it" when they had played in Carnegie Hall, or signed a record deal, or landed a New York agent. The world has changed. The new benchmarks are much more exciting, and much more relevant. The new benchmarks are "How many lives has your music impacted?" "How many people have you inspired? A thousand? Ten thousand? A hundred thousand?" At Musical Overture you have no limits. So....what are you waiting for? Go change the world. And by the way, what color is your curtain?

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