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An artistic visionary fascinated by music’s ability to cross cultural boundaries, Cassidy Chey Goldblatt designs performances that both connect artists across disciplines and engage audiences in the music-making process. She has spearheaded ventures such as the YInMn Project, a new-music festival intended to inspire performers and engage unexposed listeners; Converge, an Ann Arbor-based new-music collective; and multiple cross-disciplinary recitals involving improvisation, story-telling, and dance. Currently, Cassidy is developing the YInMn Project into a multi-state enterprise, planning tours with her string quartet Room 1078, and writing story-song improvisations with Muqi Li. She completed her Master of Music under Markus Placci at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee and earned her Bachelor of Music from the University of Michigan under David Halen, holding concentrations in violin performance and music history. For more, visit at!

Cassidy Goldblatt

Member since February 13, 2012

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Has Studied Instrument For:
15 yrs

Favorite Composer:
Vaughan Williams & Ravel

Favorite Piece of Music:
Tomás Luis de Victoria's Kyrie from Missa O Magnum Mysterium

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