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YouTube Symphony Orchestra Audition 2011

Performance | by bunchesofsticks over 12 years ago


This is my 2011 YouTube Audition video to get into the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. Let's just say that thanks to this video, it lead me to Musical Overture. Pieces: 1. Symphony No. 1, Op. 68, 4th Movement (9 after Q to end) by Johannes Brahms 2. Enigma Variations, Movement 7 (Troyte) by Edward Elgar 3. Symphony No. 9, 1st Movement (18 before S to end) by Ludwig Van Beethoven

uploaded by bunchesofsticks on november 06, 2011 at 12:18 am

Denise Holder
Denise4 almost 11 years ago

Very interesting. I'm a pianist, so I don't know how I works for a percussionist, but do you practice with recordings? Do you own your own instruments?

Zachary Nayer
bunchesofsticks over 10 years ago

Besides using the sheet music itself, I listen to multiple recordings to get a general idea about the piece itself. Also, I don't own my own instruments (sadly). I used these instruments from SUNY Purchase (I was a former undergrad student in the percussion program).

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