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Brahms Intermezzo in A major, Op. 118, no. 2

Practice | by Maria461194 over 10 years ago


Revisited an "old friend" this week. Aside from the missed notes, would love some feedback on where and what I need to do to get this piece back in top shape. Thanks!

uploaded by Maria461194 on june 03, 2013 at 10:11 am

Terry Lowry
TerryLowry over 10 years ago

Beautiful playing Maria. The melody sings out over the accompaniment wonderfully. The challenge with playing Brahms is taking time to breathe, don't you think? Finding the right pace at which to turn the phrases, like you did perfectly at 1:28 is very difficult.

A. Teal
hadrian2 over 10 years ago

I remember when you first played this, am glad you're revisiting this"old friend," and hope you will post again as you take it back to your award-winning level from high school and far beyond!

Maria Bartlett
Maria461194 over 10 years ago

Okay, so I'm the headless pianist! I've got to get a handle on this video stuff!

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