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Tariqa I, Peter Feuchtwanger

Performance | by PianistDanielRoberts almost 8 years ago


Daniel performs a piece composed by his teacher, Peter Feuchtwanger. This piece is based on Eastern music from Iran, and Tariqa is Iranian for Prelude.

uploaded by PianistDanielRoberts on june 04, 2013 at 07:08 am

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Terry Lowry
TerryLowry almost 8 years ago

Wow! Very impressive!

Daniel Roberts
PianistDanielRoberts almost 8 years ago

Thanks! Great to be here!

Maria Bartlett
Maria461194 almost 8 years ago

Beautiful. I am moved by how you and the composer are able to acheive an "eastern" sound from an historically western instrument. Please share more!

Daniel Roberts
PianistDanielRoberts almost 8 years ago

Thanks very much! I will be performing and recording Feuchtwanger's 'Variations on an Eastern Folk tune.' Check out his other pieces on YouTube, Tariqa 2 and Dhun.

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