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On top of the world, Colin Trace Chandler

Just for Fun | by DarceChandler over 10 years ago


Visit for updates and show times. Colin will be recording with Chuck Day in a few weeks. Here's a song Colin, his mother and I (MOSTLY Colin) wrote for his first album. Verse 1 I dashed out the door after finishing my chores...Lifted my arms up in the wind. Spinnin’ all around I headed down To that tall cedar tree, my old friend. CHORUS And I climbed plum up to the top; Lookin' all around at God’s beautiful backdrop. Papa’s in the garden with his water hose & "I’m on top of the world" as the saying goes. Verse 2: Here come my two sisters running down the drive. The neighbors’ dogs ain’t too far behind. They’re chasin’ butterflies and singin' lullabies.I’m up here no worries on my mind. Chorus: And I climbed plum up to the top. Way up in the clouds like Jack and the Bean Stalk. Gram’s in the yard hangin’ out the clothes, & "I’m on top of the world" as the saying goes. Bridge: Mom’s callin’ for me!!! So I scurry down…down in a hurry. OH! OH!! OH!!! Chorus: I just climbed down from the top. I bid goodnight to God’s beautiful backdrop. The birds can watch the world while I’m home. "I’m still sittin’ on top of the world" as the saying goes. On top of the world.

uploaded by DarceChandler on january 22, 2012 at 12:09 am

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