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Les Fradkin-Lift Off

Performance | by lesfradkin about 11 years ago


NOMINEE-Best Classical Artist 2013 Indie Music Channel Awards! Les Fradkin, the virtuoso of MIDI Guitar, Electronic One Man Orchestra, presents "Lift Off" from his "One Link Between Them" CD featuring the revolutionary new instrument- The Starr Labs Ztar! Robert Fripp once remarked in Guitar Player Magazine: "There is a new music to go with this new instrument. Therein lies my interest in the guitar synthesizer. That something entirely new will appear." This COULD be it! Come have a look and listen to the MIDI Guitar sound of the future. This album has received wide acclaim in publications such as Keyboard Magazine and across the Internet. Les, who is classically trained, is moving at Hyper speed. In this video, he's playing the Starr Labs Ztar MIDI Guitar in a Symphonic Rock meets Bach and Vivaldi influenced style on his own composition. This piece is loosely based on Bach's Prelude No.2 in C Minor. The Ztar can be strummed with string triggers or tapped with one or both hands as seen in this video. The backing is done with Ableton Live using Clip launching, 8 Layered Multi Stacked Tunings and "follow actions" techniques. Take a Journey To The Stars! MIDI Guitar.... as you've never seen it before! Visit the Les Fradkin Official Website:

uploaded by lesfradkin on may 23, 2013 at 08:26 am

Zachary Caulmer
MusicLover59 almost 11 years ago

That was really interesting! I'd love to see more videos!

Terry Lowry
TerryLowry about 11 years ago

Verry cool!

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Les Fradkin-Lift Off
by lesfradkin about 11 years ago

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