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Timothy Jones Senior Organ Recital

Performance | by Byfaithnotbysight over 2 years ago


This video contains an unedited, live take of Timothy Jones’ senior organ recital as presented at Mulberry Street United Methodist Church on Monday, February 25, 2019. A digital program is available for free download along with the artist’s program notes and information about the instrument at the link below: Once the file has downloaded, right click and select “unzip”. The files are in Microsoft Word format, with the exception of the organ specifications document which is a scanned PDF. If you are using the latest version of JAWS screen reader, open the PDF document with Adobe Reader, and follow the prompts in the reading order dialog box. You will not need to change any settings. Once the file loads, JAWS will prompt you to OCR the document, so go ahead and hit the spacebar on the “yes” button. JAWS should begin processing the document and will start reading afterwards. This performance was filmed with an iPhone 7. A high-quality audio recording is also available. To request a recording, please fill out the contact form found at the following link: Please subscribe to Timothy’s YouTube channel to hear more live takes of classical piano and organ repertoire which Timothy has performed for past competitions and recitals. For more information about the artist, including scheduling a performance, please visit

uploaded by Byfaithnotbysight on june 03, 2021 at 02:09 pm

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