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Get Heard!

Just for Fun | by TerryLowry over 8 years ago


Let's have a little fun with this theme. Post of video here on Musical Overture of you playing it back in any style you want. Be sure to type "Get Heard" in the tag box. If you are a composer, write a new version and post it as a photo on the Musical Overture Facebook page. Some of the performers on Musical Overture may pick it up and play it.

uploaded by TerryLowry on may 27, 2013 at 11:56 am

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1 Comment
Alex Singleton
salexsingleton over 8 years ago

How interesting will it be to hear this played hundreds of different ways? Some somber or lively! Let's see how many different variations you can make of this! Blow Terry's mind? Why yes... I think I will.

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