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William Neace (b. 1989) began playing trumpet at age 11 and composing at age 14. He likes picnics, pizza, and of course, chocolate milk. He has had a total of 5 pieces premiered with the University of West Georgia Ensembles including Brass Ensemble and Wind Ensemble, and won the annual Go West Composition Competition three years in a row. His interests as far as writing goes into solo instrumentation, Large groups such as Brass and Wind Ensembles, Orchestral Works, as well as chamber groups such as Brass Quintet, Tuba Euphonium Quartet, Percussion groups, and just about anything else.

William Neace
Carrollton, Georgia

Member since May 29, 2015

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Has Studied Instrument For:
Trumpet - 14 years, Composition - 11 Years

Favorite Composer:

Favorite Piece of Music:
Symphony No. 9 (The New World) Dvorak

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