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God calls His people to worship Him. The Music Ministry of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church is committed to this call. The Choir of St. Timothy’s leads in worship each Sunday morning. This choir rehearses each Sunday morning at 9:00 and again each Sunday afternoon at 12:30. This year, the choir will perform several choral concerts, a Requiem performance during Holy Week, a Service of Choral Evensong, and a Christmas Concert. The choir will release an album in January of 2012. Our choral repertoire includes masterworks from the classical choral canon featuring composers such as JS Bach, GF Handel, A Vivaldi, and R Vaughan Willaims. We also sing traditional African-American Spirituals, American Gospel and new works by contemporary comosers. The congregation of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church is represented by persons from many cultures. At St. Timothy's, there are Christians from the Continents of Africa and India, many of the Caribbean Islands, South America and of course several States of the USA. Worship at St. Tim's is diverse. Our repertoire includes the traditional services of Anglicanism, as well as the contemporary or modern church styles, along with musical accompaniment and a choir. The Holy Eucharist (Communion) is celebrated every Sunday, and special services are held on feast days. The music at St. Timothy’s is led by our wonderful choir and our Organist/Choir Master Terry Lowry.

Choir of St Timothy's
Decatur , Georgia

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