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Rhapsody on Autumn Leaves - Taylor Roland

Performance | by TaylorRolandComposer over 10 years ago


This piece is for Soprano Saxophone and Piano. Some notes in the Soprano Saxophone part require use of the altissimo register. This piece was composed for Dr. Joren Cain (Valdosta State).

uploaded by TaylorRolandComposer on august 13, 2011 at 10:46 am

Paul Lowry
lowry229 about 10 years ago

very nice Taylor! What's coming next?

Taylor Roland
TaylorRolandComposer about 10 years ago

Thank you! Some time in the next year or two I plan on doing a piece of the same nature on "All the Things You Are" for another great sax player, Nigel Wood.

Paul Lowry
lowry229 about 10 years ago

that sounds great! Keep me updated!

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