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Cassidy Goldblatt

Ralph Vaughan Williams, String Quartet No. 1 in g minor, mvt. II: Minuet and Trio

Performance | by CassidyGoldblatt about 4 years ago
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Quartet performance at the University of Michigan, School of Music, Theatre and Dance. Lian Ojakanges and Cassidy Goldblatt, violins; Erin Napier, viola; Madeline Endres, cello.

uploaded by CassidyGoldblatt on january 23, 2015 at 08:11 pm
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Abigail Dawkins
adawkins almost 4 years ago

Great performance! Loved the expression from everyone and it sounded really great. Love Vaughan Williams

Terry Lowry
TerryLowry about 4 years ago

I love this piece! Do you know his piano quintet?

Cassidy Goldblatt
CassidyGoldblatt about 4 years ago

He has a piano quintet?? Actually, I don't know it! At first I thought you were referring to his bass quintet, which I absolutely love. I can't wait to listen to this though (Vaughan Williams is one of my favorite composers) :) Thank you, Mr. Terry!

Terry Lowry
TerryLowry almost 4 years ago

Yes, and its wonderful. It almost never gets played, though because it is scored for piano, violin, viola, cello and double bass. But its really cool.