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About Musical Overture

You are a musician. You have practiced, studied with a great teacher, and have played in great groups. This is your passion. Its a major part of who you are. When you play or sing, you feel most like YOURSELF.

Ok….now what? Are you considering studying music at the university or conservatory level? Where will you go? With whom will you study? Where is the perfect place for you?

Or are you past that and already thinking about your musical career? How do you meet the people who can influence your career? Who will open doors for you so you can show what you can do?

Musical Overture is here to help you answer these questions.

Musical Overture is a video sharing network that connects musicians with each other and to professors, conductors and others already established in the musical world.

Our mission is to:

  1. Provide musicians the opportunity to present their talents to the world
  2. Create a fun, educational and safe online community of musicians
  3. Assist musicians in finding their path to a lifetime of making music

Since you clicked the "About" button, we figure you are wondering what the heck is this place? Think online concert hall. Think community of musicians just like you, searching to find their path to a lifetime of making music. Think resource for developing your skills. Think collection of the brightest musical talent in the world. Musical Overture is all of these things....and more.

If you are a musician, or if there is a musician in your life, Musical Overture is one of your most important resources for finding your way in the greater musical community. Let's face it, it can be daunting to think of having a career in music. There is no set career path. There is no "do this and that will happen" formula. Each musician must find his or her own way. We must follow our own beat at our own tempo.

We have to practice. We have to get the best expert training we can find. We have to listen and study and learn from the musical greats who have come and gone before us. And we must find the best opportunities to present our talents to the world. Musical Overture gives you the best opportunity to let your music be heard.

Musical Overture is place for presenting YOUR music. You won't have to sort through irrelevant, non-music videos or compete with Rubinstein or Heifitz. Musical Overture was created for you, the musician who has worked - and is still working - to make a difference in the world by enriching the lives of your listeners.

There was a time when musicians were told that they knew they had "made it" when they had played in Carnegie Hall, or signed a record deal, or landed a New York agent. The world has changed. The new benchmarks are much more exciting, and much more relevant. The new benchmarks are "How many lives has your music impacted?" "How many people have you inspired? A thousand? Ten thousand? A hundred thousand?" At Musical Overture you have no limits. So....what are you waiting for? Go change the world. And by the way, what color is your curtain?