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Born in the U.S. but raised in India, I was exposed to very few opportunities there until an American offered to lend me a violin. Having grown up loving "classical" music, I leapt at the chance. So began my career as a musician: in a country where Western classical music is nearly nonexistent. On our return to the United States, I found a true passion in music and began to seriously develop it. Now, I intend to combine my love for music with my upbringing to pursue something altogether unique: diplomacy through music. Music is so special in that it is one of the few universal languages that exist. It molds people's views, it influences their decisions; it touches their souls. My goal has always been to use music to bridge the gaps between communities, to pave love's path in binding torn societies, and to bring light to extraordinarily dark places. Music is an impossibly powerful gift that can bring beauty into a broken world, and it is my goal to use that gift in its fullest capacity.

Has Studied Instrument For:
12 years

Favorite Composer:
Vaughan Williams & Ravel

Favorite Piece of Music:
Tomás Luis de Victoria's Kyrie from Missa O Magnum Mysterium