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Michael Turner

Fuzzy Bird Sonata- I. Run, bird

Performance | by mturner90 over 7 years ago
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Fuzzy Bird Sonata I. Run, bird Composer: Takashi Yoshimatsu Michael Turner and Misun Chun March 27, 2012 University of West Georgia Kathy Cashen Recital Hall

uploaded by mturner90 on june 11, 2012 at 11:58 am
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Denise Holder
Denise4 over 6 years ago


Alex Singleton
salexsingleton over 6 years ago

Beautiful performance! You are a student of Dr. Bleuel, yes?

Cassidy Goldblatt
CassidyGoldblatt over 7 years ago

Wow, this is fantastic!! Wonderful playing. What a beautiful, eccentric instrument. Pardon my ignorance, but is this what you might consider "classical" saxophone? Just the other day I was speaking to a student going into classical saxophone performance, and I honestly never knew it was played formally outside of jazz.

Michael Turner
mturner90 over 7 years ago

Thank you, I really appreciate that! Yes, this is classical saxophone. It's about 95% of what I do, and all the videos I have up are from the classical saxophone repertoire.