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Performathon 2016 - Precipice Saxophone Quartet: Songs for the Coming Day

Performance | by MeritSchoolofMusic about 2 years ago
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Songs for the Coming Day (D. Maslanka) performed by the Precipice Saxophone Quartet. Movement(s): VIII. The soul is here for its own joy Bryan Polacek, director

uploaded by MeritSchoolofMusic on march 28, 2016 at 10:02 pm
Open uri20130623 26140 1nqjvxw?1371987389
25. my little suede shoes by yampal
almost 5 years ago
Open uri20130617 31100 hm9tdz?1371465553
28. Ska with Fugue by yampal
about 5 years ago
Open uri20130614 8281 15b0mx5?1371217214
30. La Mer -Reggae by yampal
about 5 years ago
Open uri20120828 7058 b51occ?1346156603
45. Tibet Reggae by yampal
almost 6 years ago
Open uri20120609 21447 1fz48bx?1339294106
50. Tantrum: II. Lost by mturner90
about 6 years ago
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