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Terry Lowry

Improvisation on a few notes given by a young audience member

Performance | by TerryLowry almost 7 years ago
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Improvisation on a few notes provided by a young audience member at a recent recital in Atlanta.

uploaded by TerryLowry on november 09, 2012 at 12:30 pm
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7. Musical Overture by TerryLowry
almost 5 years ago
Open uri20140801 10265 1mc1zev?1406935096
8. Arabesque by TerryLowry
about 5 years ago
Open uri20140129 25993 9a6cfr?1391042075
24. 6X6 by TerryLowry
over 5 years ago
Open uri20130909 32097 8wabm6?1378766059
31. First Date by TerryLowry
about 6 years ago
Open uri20130527 3891 ee17eo?1369670212
34. Get Heard! by TerryLowry
over 6 years ago
Open uri20120409 25155 1at6v8q?1334026559
51. Escape to Milan by TerryLowry
over 7 years ago
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Maria Bartlett
Maria461194 almost 7 years ago

Really enjoyed this improvisation. My 8 year old was mesmerized by the performance! Great inspiration.

A. Teal
hadrian2 almost 7 years ago

Your improvisations on notes provided by audience members are always a treat to hear. I'd hoped someone was recording this one!