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Zachary Nayer

YouTube Symphony Orchestra Audition 2011

Performance | by bunchesofsticks about 7 years ago
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This is my 2011 YouTube Audition video to get into the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. Let's just say that thanks to this video, it lead me to Musical Overture. Pieces: 1. Symphony No. 1, Op. 68, 4th Movement (9 after Q to end) by Johannes Brahms 2. Enigma Variations, Movement 7 (Troyte) by Edward Elgar 3. Symphony No. 9, 1st Movement (18 before S to end) by Ludwig Van Beethoven

uploaded by bunchesofsticks on november 06, 2011 at 12:18 am
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1. Kung Fu Piano by Michael
about 1 year ago
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2. Log Cabin Blues by music4me
over 2 years ago
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54. Pocket Litter by bobmooremusic
about 7 years ago
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Denise Holder
Denise4 over 5 years ago

Very interesting. I'm a pianist, so I don't know how I works for a percussionist, but do you practice with recordings? Do you own your own instruments?

Zachary Nayer
bunchesofsticks about 5 years ago

Besides using the sheet music itself, I listen to multiple recordings to get a general idea about the piece itself. Also, I don't own my own instruments (sadly). I used these instruments from SUNY Purchase (I was a former undergrad student in the percussion program).