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Cassidy Goldblatt

The Life of a Musician: President's Day at Mount Vernon

Just for Fun | by CassidyGoldblatt almost 7 years ago
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Not the best recording, or by far the "best" performance! But definitely an example of how remarkable it is to play music. My dad and I were visiting Mt. Vernon on President's Day (right after I'd finished an audition), when a costumed fife player insisted I take out my violin. Since I didn't have any jigs, I decided to perform Bach... in front of George Washington's home on the Potomac. It was cold, we hadn't rehearsed, and he had no idea what I was playing. But it was by far my favorite event of the day :)

uploaded by CassidyGoldblatt on february 22, 2012 at 03:49 pm
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Steve Gradick
SteveGradick almost 7 years ago

Mount Vernon is even more inspiring with music.

Cassidy Goldblatt
CassidyGoldblatt almost 7 years ago

I agree! Music adds something wherever it goes. It's an amazing art.

Maria Bartlett
Maria461194 almost 7 years ago

You rock.

Cassidy Goldblatt
CassidyGoldblatt almost 7 years ago

Haha, thank you! ;)

Terry Lowry
TerryLowry almost 7 years ago

Very cool!