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Valdosta State University

Concertino para Trompete e Quinteto de Metais - José Ursicino da Silva (Maestro Duda)

Performance | by VSUMusic about 5 years ago
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Eduardo Farias, solo trumpet Brian Summerlin, 1st trumpet Sage Khan, 2nd trumpet Cecelia Stevens, horn Zack Jones, trombone Curtis Thornton, tuba Recorded at Whitehead Auditorium - Valdosta State University February 12, 2013 Eduardo used a Bach Strad 239 25A C trumpet with a Warburton mouthpiece (4MD cup - 8* backbore), and a Yamaha YFH731 Flugelhorn with a 13A4a Yamaha mouthpiece in this recording.

uploaded by VSUMusic on april 16, 2014 at 10:16 pm
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